Wedding Photography by Joel Barhamand



A couple of cameras is Joel Barhamand and Ashley Barhamand.

We started our photography journey together in a midwestern high school, separating to pursue our BFA's in photography, Ashley at NYU and Joel at Ohio University. Years later we are married, live in Brooklyn and work in the editorial and commercial photography world. Joel as an assignment photographer and Ashley as a photo editor. We enjoy bringing our unique point of view as lifelong partners in photography and love to shooting your weddings.
Working as a team allows us to combine our creative points of view and maximize the breadth and beauty of the photography that we achieve.
Our shooting philosophy is hands off. You've produced a beautiful event, so we aim to capture the ambiance and joy of you and your guests. We seek the spontaneous "decisive moment" while also utilizing our commercial experience to create polished imagery.

In addition to the two of us A Couple of Cameras has expanded our ranks! We work with an ever growing group of extraordinary talented photographers who offer an incredible set of skills to make sure your wedding is captured exactly the way you envision it. Our current roster includes Noel Camardo, Don Stahl, Liz Devine and Lisa Weatherbee

Call or e-mail us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!